Beds and Bookshelves

I radically downsized my living space when I moved from Denver to Los Angeles, which resulted in me having to put much of my beloved book collection in storage <sad face>.  Despite having much of my collection socked away behind a corrugated metal door, too many (for the space at least) have managed to creep into my apartment and now clutter my few bookshelves, most flat surfaces and random corners of my studio apartment. Stumbling across these inspiring photos made me realize that maybe my books don’t have to suffer in loneliness in my storage unit and I’m currently measuring so I can implement this idea in my own space!  I also collect New Yorker covers and frame them to use as artwork and the shelves could act as a means to display them (see some of the photos below).

I have always loved the combination of blue and white -- I think it's so fresh and the same goes for this room.  In this master bedroom the shelves act as both storage and as a surface on which to display framed artwork (in this case architectural details from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.)

One of my favorite lighting tricks is using sconces on either side of the bed -- it frees up room on your bedside tables and lets you move the light to exactly where you need it.  This is also another great example of using bookshelves as a way to display artwork.

design :: celerie kemble photo :: domino magazine

The bookshelves help create a cozy nook in this bedroom.  The tufted headboard also adds to the coziness factor created by the nook.  The wall sconces are great for nighttime reading; you can keep the light on while your partner sleeps undisturbed. I love that, rather than leave the shelves bare (in this case painted ivory), Kemble used a tobacco-brown grasscloth to give the shelves more visual interest and depth.  

Here's another version of the nook created by built in bookshelves around a bed.  If you look really closely you can see the exposed brick wall behind the bed and shelves.  I might have to steal the idea of storing my shelter mags (and copious issues of The New Yorker) like this.

And yet another example of built-in bookshelves creating a nook for the bed -- here the headboard is a tufted navy velvet (trés luxe, no?) that is also used for the curtains, which really unifies the look of the room.  I love the addition of the (faux?) fur throw at the end of the bed for an added dash of luxury.

The bookcases in this children's bedroom not only serve as storage, but as a way to visually carve out individual spaces for each of the beds.  This room also uses one fabric on the walls and window treatments to unify the room.

I find this space especially inspiring given my tight current living situation.  I like how the beam-mounted curtain acts to define the bedroom space from the rest of the room/landing.  The stack of books-as-bedside-table is also a great use of books/space.

In this room, the books act as artwork themselves and really complement the wood plank ceiling.  It could use some sconces for night-time reading...