I'm Back!

After a brief (ok, more than brief) hiatus (what can I say other than life got in the way) I’m back and I’ve rechristened my blog brettVdesign!  My goal is to consistently provide you with lots of cool, new content on interior design, style and a lot more as inspiration strikes.  My tag line is still "Design for the Modern Day Sybarite."  What's a Sybarite you ask?  Well let me explain ::

sybarite \SIB-uh-ryt\, noun: A person devoted to luxury and pleasure.

Sybarite is derived from Sybaris, an ancient Greek city noted for the luxurious, pleasure-seeking habits of many of its inhabitants.

I also recently switched blogging platforms so some of the formatting of my older posts are a bit wonky and there are some images missing (darn technology!)  I’m doing my best to a) get the hang of the new platform (it’s squarespace and I highly recommend it) and b) fix all the formatting boo-boos, so hang in there with me as I return to the blogosphere!