Designer Quotes: David Hicks

David Hicks Surrounded By Some of His Trademark Patterns

David Hicks was a design luminary of the 60s and 70s and his trademark style and hexagon (and other graphic prints) patterns are still popular today.  His interiors were a mix of classical and contemporary pieces such as a classical urn on a lucite base or a staid canopy bed with bright colors and bold patterns.  One of my favorite quotes of his is:

Good design is in no way dependent on money. I like to spend the minimum of money and yet gain the maximum effect. Style is not what you do but how you do it.

And, as I can’t seem to get away from clutter (like Hicks, I’m a big collector of just about anything that catches my fancy, whether it be books or Foo dogs) this quote definitely resonates with me as well:

I am inclined to begin with a room looking very bare but, being an inveterate collector, I nearly always end up with a good deal of clutter. It is not a question of what you do but how you do it which adds up to style. Even in a hotel room I unpack all the books and sketch pads that I travel with, put them on a table and arrange them, but then I am an arranger by nature.

David Hicks: Designer by his son Ashley Hicks is a great resource for all things David Hicks, definitely check it out.  Below are some of my favorite rooms designed by David Hicks (believe me, it was so hard to narrow these down -- I agonized over it for days!  Well, maybe not days, but you get the idea.)


David Hicks' House, Roquebrune-Sur-Argens, France

This is the master bedroom in Hicks' house in France -- it started out rather Spartan until Hicks decided to "zhush" (is that even how you spell it?) it up with his trademark bold patterns and a range of textures.

Baronscourt, Northern Ireland

This space is part of an old ballroom that Hicks portioned off into a family and dining rooms, sitting area and kitchen. I really like the look of the louvered screens that help visually and physically divvy up the space.  The rug boasts one of Hicks' famous motifs, the hexagon, and the colors of the upholstered furniture are drawn from it.

NYC Apartment of Mark & Duane Hampton

I can never get enough of Eero Saarinen's Tulip Chairs (the chair I linked to is considerably less expensive than the Knoll version, which will run you about $1,683). The carpet is another riff on Hicks' trademark hexagon pattern, this one is a smaller-scale repeat than the one seen in the previous image.

Lord and Lady Cholmondeley's Hyde Park Apartment

Hicks accentuated the edges of this bright orange room with an aubergine jute braid (two of my favorite colors and one of my favorite color combos!).  It kind of reminds me of an Hermès box (another one of my obsessions, see this blog post for proof!)

London Bedroom

Here's another image of a room where Hicks used a contrasting tape/paper to define walls and furniture.  The walls in this bedroom are upholstered in a blue tweed -- I love upholstered walls, such an indulgence, not to mention a stylish way to soundproof a room!

"Beauty Workshop" in the Apartment of Betsy & John Theodoracopoulos

Oh my, where do I even start about what I love about this room?  The mirrors on the walls and ceilings?  The glass display shelves for perfume bottles?  The beaded curtains?  Or just the fact that Betsy Theodoracopoulos has a room called a "Beauty Workshop" in her apartment?  As an admitted beauty-product-aholic I am positively green with envy.

Living Room in a House in Sussex

I have already professed my love for upholstered walls, but this circular room featuring walls/ceilings tented in a red, scarlet, apple green and purple striped fabric just may take the cake! The room showcases Hicks' adroitness with blending the traditional with modern -- here he mixes a very traditional Savanarola chair and chandelier with pink lucite cube tables (the tables remind me a lot of the current designs from Alexandra Von Furstenberg), glass and chrome tables and modern floor lamps.  It kind of has the feeling of a groovy 60s night club, don't you think?  It is kind of hard to see from this picture, but the room is circular -- how fab!

All images from "David Hicks: Designer" by Ashley Hicks except for the living room in Sussex which is via Laura Casey Interiors.