7 Hostess Gift Ideas for the Holidays

‘Tis the season for holiday parties and ‘tis NOT the season to show up empty handed!  Here’s a list of ideas for great hostess gifts that will delight them and remind them of what a thoughtful guest you are!

1. Wine.  A bottle of wine is always a great gift.  Make sure you let your host know if s/he should serve it at the event or save it for another occasion.  Or, you can be a little more forward-thinking and bring them a cure for their impending hangover, like Ficks Hangover Preventative Cocktail Fortifier.

2. Sweets.  Bring some sort of sweet treat that is easily served {you don’t want to add to your host’s to-do list.}  If your dish requires preparation, let your host know that you will take care of it for them.  I’m a sucker for macarons or handmade marshmallows -- I might not be trusted to actually get them to the host...

3. Wine or Cocktail Accessories.  An elegant or fun bottle stopper as well as cheeky cocktail napkins make great gifts. I’m in love with this Cheetah {or is it a leopard?} bottle stopper from C. Wonder. The cocktail napkins from YouNeedADrink.com are always good for a laugh.

4. Candles.  Candles make great gifts, and since it is the holidays there are a lot of holiday-themed scents out there to choose from that are packaged beautifully {I’m a sucker for pretty packaging!} like these options from NEST and Paddy Wax.

5. Coasters.  In my opinion you can never have too many coasters!  The thought of a sweaty glass sitting on a French-polished table positively gives me the chills <shiver> I love this set of agate coasters from Uncommon Goods and this Zodiac-themed paper coaster set from C. Wonder is also a lot of fun.

6. Games,  Games are great fun -- you can start playing during the festivities and your host can enjoy them long after the last cocktail glass goes into the dishwasher.  Mancala is a strategic game that is playable by all and it is pretty to look at too.  Cards Against Humanity is hilarious and perfect for the host with a wicked sense of humor.

7. Something Practical.  Practical doesn’t have to mean boring -- how about a pretty calendar for the New Year or a delicious smelling hand soap + moisturizer duo?  Or some fun dish towels? I love Sugar Paper LA’s letterpress desk calendar for a gift. Thymes has a bunch of sink sets to choose from and these adorable dish towels from Anthropologie are sure to make washing dishes post-soirée a little bit less of a drag.

Don’t forget to label your gift!  In the hustle and bustle of pulling off a successful party your host may forget that it was you who brought the hilarious cocktail napkins!  I love these gift labels from Iomoi

Remember, a gift is a courtesy, not an obligation!  However, as a frequent hostess I can tell you that gifts are very much appreciated — it’s a way to show your host that you appreciate all the effort that went into the soirée that you are now attending.  

The best gift of all is a thank you note — take five minutes to let your hostess know how much you enjoyed the dinner and conversation and touch on what you thought to be the highlight of the evening.  It can be anything from the artfully produced soufflé or when one guest fell off their chair because they were laughing so much.

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