B2 Hotel's Stunning Library/Lounge

While flipping through the latest issue of Marie Claire Maison {my love for foreign shelter mags knows no bounds} I came across this image from the B2 Boutique Hotel in Zurich and just about died.  I’m obsessed with bookshelves, and filling them up, I have an obscene number of books, design and otherwise.  I also love the interior design of hotels, restaurants and bars{so inspiring!} so this image really gave me heart palpitations.  How can you beat a hotel lobby lounge lined with thousands of books and lit with beer bottle chandeliers.  There is a connection between the hotel and beer, I’ll get to that in a second. But first, just look at this!

image :: marie claire maison, november 2014

The 4-star boutique hotel is housed in the former Brewery Hürlimann space in the private banking section of Zurich and the library serves many functions: lobby, breakfast room, bar/lounge, reading space and internet café.

image via designhomes.com

The room itself is located in the former brewing area and is 4 stories high and the floor-to-ceiling shelves hold 30,000 vintage books sourced from an old local library.  

image :: interior design magazine

Each of the chandeliers is made of 300 vintage Hürlimann beer bottles.  The beer bottles are hung on vintage drying racks used to dry, what else, beer bottles.

image via llworldtour.com

I could definitely see myself whiling away the hours in this space, wishing I could read the books, but I can’t, they’re all in German!