Bisazza Tile {swoon}

Pucci by bisazza collection via the telegraph UK

Established in 1956 in Alte Vicenza, Italy, Bisazza Tile has been a real trailblazer in the mosaic tile field, constantly coming up with new and exciting mosaic tile patterns; they even had a collaboration with Pucci!  Talk about wild and colorful!

Many of the images on my inspiration wall (because a board isn’t enough for this girl) are ads from this mosaic tile house {I must have a thing for Italian glass, see my post on Murano glass for proof!}

 Giraffo by bisazza via

Giraffo by bisazza via

I came this close one time to getting a client to commit to the Bisazza Giraffo pattern, but they chickened out at the last minute.  At least I got to get the sample to look at longingly…

Here are some images of Bisazza Mosaics that make me all giddy... Some of the designs are really over the top and require a special client to go for them, but everyone needs a little over-the-top in their lives sometimes, don't you think?

Rayures from Bisazza via

I love stripes on everything from my carpets to my window treatments {it is also physically impossible for me to walk away from a blue and white striped shirt, so French Girl Chic that my francophile self has no choice but to buy it}, so naturally I love the idea of mosaic stripes on the wall.

Jardin by Bisazza via

I always love a little Toile de Jouy (look for a future Sound Like a Designer post to give you the low-down on this classic fabric) and I love the idea of having a blown up repeat on my wall.  Notice the mosaic theme is carried on to the furniture as evidenced by the front of the console!

Why limit yourself to solid (or subtly variant) mosaic tiles in your pool?  This is simply gorgeous!

via willowbrook park blog

Sprinkles of gold tiles on a green background evoke snowflakes, stars or pixie dust.  I'm going with pixie dust to go along with the whimsical crystal sconce...

via digsdigs

I'm always a fan of the graphic combination of black and white and the combination of the framed black and white photo gallery wall and the black and white dots {they're really not polka dots, per se}on the wall + floor give this room a playful flair.

Coralio by Bisazza via

Coral fabric used to be all the rage, so why not bring it back on your walls in the form of an oversized mosaic pattern?

 Chain Link by bisazza, via inthralld

Chain Link by bisazza, via inthralld

The Chain Link mosaic really brings on the glam-factor of this (dig the bold gold ottoman in the foreground.)

stripes by bisazza, via

More stripes!!!  Have I told you how much I love them?  I love the texture that the tiles provide along with the visual interest of the stripes themselves.  I wonder what kind of flooring is in this room... Hardwood floors would be amazing, and maybe throw in a shag area rug for fun...

corinzio by bisazza, via

Bring some classical flair into your home without having to go through the hassle of adding columns.

labirinto by bisazza, via

This tile pattern would look great in a midcentury modern-style home.  Jonathan Adler makes great pendant lights and sconces that match the above pattern that would look amazing together!

Another example of how beautifully Bisazza's mosaic patterns work in bathrooms.  I love the combination of the mosaic tile and the marble running bond pattern on the walls.

Frozen garden by bisazza, via

How about some 3D tiles? These tiles are reminiscent of stamped tin ceilings and I love the idea of bringing that style of material to the walls.

The shower wall blends seamlessly with the wallcolor while adding pops of yellow and black in this sleek modern shower. I also like how the pattern brings in a touch of the traditional in a very modern room.

etoiles by bisazza, via

Another very midcentury-esque pattern as part of an enfilade of rooms (another good Sound Like Designer word. Hmm.. I smell another blog post coming.)

Vienna by bisazza, via

Notice how the trellis-like pattern is carried up onto the wall as wainscotting {and it's more of that black + white graphic-style design that I dig.}