color scheme :: b+w interiors

I recently wrote about the wonders of monochromatic design, so today I’m going to talk about another design scheme :: black and white.  What could be more basic, yet pack a big punch?  Trends may come and go, but like a little black dress, black and white never goes out of style.  

Black and white interiors are sophisticated, chic and timeless and work in any decorating style.  Black adds a focal point of color {or absence of, if we’re going to get technical about it} that anchors a room and adds a touch of sophistication and a sleek sense of style, while white visually opens the space up.

But a black and white color scheme isn’t as simple as painting all the walls white and throwing some black furniture in the mix.  If done wrong the room can end up looking cold and uninviting. Here are some guidelines for a successful black and white room ::

  • You don’t have to only use the purest black and whitest white.  You can combine varying shades of the two colors.  Different shades bring depth to the room.

  • To soften the impact of black and white, add in a 3rd tone.  Neutrals or colors with warm undertones work really well.

  • Layer in different textures to create visual interest.  To learn more about texture, click here.  Soft textures will warm up a black and white scheme.

  • Glossy black is eye-catching in small doses, such as doors, window trim, a fireplace mantel, baseboards, trim applied to walls and crown moulding.  It also works as a floor in a small room {in certain situations, too much high-gloss black can be overwhelming}

  • You can add a splash of color, but black and white must remain the prominent colors in the space {otherwise it really isn’t a black and white scheme, is it?}

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