DVF's Fab Line of Fabrics for Kravet

photo :: brett valenstein

I stumbled across an article about the launch of Diane Von Furstenberg’s new fabric line for Kravet while flipping through a back issue of Elle Decor and totally fell in love.  

I’ve always loved Von Furstenberg’s signature wrap dresses and remember my Mom having several, until she showed up to a business meeting and one of the other women in attendance was also wearing a DVF wrap dress; after that she didn't wear her wrap dresses as much (at least not to work.).  I guess it became the “uniform” for professional women in the 80s!  Along with those blouses with the huge bows, but that’s another story entirely.

Recently, the exhibit “Journey of Dress,” a retrospective of Von Furstenberg’s work, made a stop here in Los Angeles and it was ah-mazing!  The exhibit also had vintage ads for the her signature dress as well as personal photos of Von Furstenberg herself.  Oh!  And lest I forget, several of the original Warhol paintings of her!  Here are a few photos I snapped while at the exhibit ::


But back to the topic at hand, DVF’s line for Kravet.  The line is a combination of Von Furstenberg’s signature prints, including animal print and bold graphics, as well as some complimentary solid fabrics (some are even stain-repellent which are great options if you have children or clumsy guests) in bright colors to complement the patterned selections. There are also some neutrals to choose from.  She was quoted as saying in Elle Decor::

“Neutrals are very versatile, which is always important, but I don’t want them to be boring.”

Several tapes and cords are also incorporated into the line; Spotty cord is one of my favorites.

Here are some of my favorite patterns and colorways from her line for Kravet (click image for slideshow view + hover over the picture for the name of the fabric) ::

Some great combinations would be ::

  • Snake Charmer in Pewter with Spotty Cord in Mink
  • Otto Silver with Spotty Cord in Nero
  • Cumulus in Sunset with Geo Club Tape in Passion as welting
  • Spotted Cat in Kohl with Crocodillo Linen

What are some of your favorite combos?  Share in the comments below!