Have you been a slacker about sending out holiday cards?

Have you been a slacker about sending out your holiday cards?  Have you really wanted to send a card out to your friends for the past few years but couldn’t get it together to buy the cards, get mailing addresses, and buy stamps?  Well, good thing for you laggards out there that there is a service like Paperless Post.

Paperless Post allows you to send stylish cards online that are customizable -- everything from text to font to envelope colors can be altered to fit the exact sentiment you are trying to convey, you can even add your own pictures to some designs.  The cards range from humorous to elegant -- some of them even look like they are letter pressed!  I’m partial to letterpress cards and stationery myself, but it can be cost prohibitive, but not when you get to send them online.  There are also a selection of designer cards by names like Kate Spade, Kelly Wearstler, Oscar de la Renta, Sugar Paper and more.

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When your friends or family receive the email with your card, an animated envelope pops up and you click to take the card out of the envelope.  It doesn’t quite have the same effect of opening up a letter that’s come to you via snail mail, but it comes pretty close.  Follow this link to see what I mean.

How much does it cost, you ask?  You purchase coins on the site and the cost of each card is dependent on the level of customization you choose.  The number of coins required for each card is displayed on the screen as you work.  So, if, for example, you’ve designed a card that costs two coins and you are sending them out to 100 people you will need 200 coins, which equals $36.

Paperless Post has saved my butt a couple of times when I forgot to buy a birthday, anniversary or congratulations card and ran out of time to send it snail mail.  You can also use the service to send out party invitations {and these are far nicer than your typical eVite AND your invite and RSVP lists are kept private} and the website gives you the ability to track your RSVPs and see who has seen the invite and who hasn’t.

Oh!  I almost forgot!  If you are committed to going the old school route and prefer paper {and have left yourself enough time to get them done before the holidays are over} Paperless Post gives you that option as well.

So go click around the site and see what I mean and feel good that you might actually get those holiday cards out before the New Year this year!

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