How to Display Collections

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What do you collect?  Seashells? Art? Vintage glass?  Vintage barware?  Why hide them away behind closed doors when you can use them as part of your design scheme or even a focal point of a room?

But here is a very important thing to remember :: Don’t let your collections be mistaken for clutter!  If you display your collections purposefully they can look like art.

You don’t have to display all the items in your collection, that can just contribute to visual clutter.  Cluster a few well-chosen objects on a coffee table, console, bedside table or a vanity {any flat surface, really.}

I prefer to cluster items in groups of three, or if you have more than three items you wish to display together, make sure it’s an odd number.  Odd numbers of objects are balanced, which creates a sense of harmony, whereas pairs of items fall flat.  Carrying a common theme in odd-number groupings while varying the height and weight of each item also creates visual impact.  You can use props, like a stack of books, to vary the height of the objects in your grouping.

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You can also group collections by color.  Color is unifying but the differences in size and shape will stand out and create visual interest.

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Another idea is to use one collection to display another collection and kill two birds with one stone. For example, if you collect apothecary jars, you can display your collection of seashells or sea glass in them.

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Don’t limit your collections to flat surfaces, take them to the walls too!  When mounted on the walls, your collections can take on an art installation-like quality, like this wacky display of pez dispensers.

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Or display an impressive vinyl collection

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Or vintage plates

Shadowboxes are another great way to display collections, like matchbooks for example. {I used to have an amazing collection of matchboxes that I kept in a huge glass bowl.  Unfortunately they had an ill-fated rendez-vous with a cleaning product and dissolved into a soggy mess.  I’m still mourning that collection to this day.}

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via urban grace interiors

Gallery walls are another great way to display collections like vintage maps or vintage magazine covers {you can even use new magazine covers, The New Yorker is a favorite of mine to frame.}  

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Chair rails are a great way to display collections with a narrow footprint, like this collection of mirrors seen in Martha Stewart Living.

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Here are some more inspiring images to help you display your collections beautifully

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