Why Not... Put Wallpaper on the Ceiling!?

fretwork wallpaper.jpg

I mean really, why don’t you?  Why would you ignore "the fifth wall?" Not only can it be an unexpected whimsical touch, it’s another way to ground a room.  The traditional way to ground a room would be to go for a large floor rug, but let’s face it… rugs, good quality ones at least, can be cost prohibitive.  

 I love the idea of bringing this into spaces you may not spend much time in, like hallways, closets, and powder rooms.  It's also kind of fun to wallpaper the ceiling in rooms where you tend to look up, like a bedroom for example.

Wallpaper on the ceiling delivers as much of a “wow!” moment as an area rug, if not more.  An added bonus?  Wallpaper will cover any cracks, water stains or other, er, imperfections on your ceiling that probably drive you a little bit crazy when you see them.

Wallpapering your ceiling also makes your ceilings seem higher while still feeling cozy.

Wallpaper can be scary — glueing something to the walls seems like an awfully big commitment to most and the ceiling can seem an incredibly bizarre place to make that kind of commitment, but trust me — it’s worth it!

Via Veranda Magazine

This entryway {at least I think it's an entryway...} coordinates the color of the curtains with the color of the wallpaper to really pull the room together.

Via vrainteriors.files.wordpress.com

The wallpaper on the ceiling creates a canopy-bed-like effect in this bright pink boudoir.

Design :: Vanessa DeLeon

The black and white color-scheme of this dressing room is striking and the wallpaper on the ceiling really gives it that jewel-box feeling.

Here's another jewel-box of a closet/dressing room -- the purple and silver in the wallpaper is carried through the rest of the design.  I am so jealous of the last two images... I want a dressing room!

Once again, the main colors of the wallpaper are carried throughout the design of this dining room.  I love how only two of the chairs are covered in the bright purple fabric, it helps make the purple less overwhelming.

home-office-wallpapered ceiling.jpg

I like the contrast between the green of the wallpaper on the ceiling and the blue in the fabric of the roman shades and side chair.  The the green of the wallpaper is picked up on the trim of the roman shades, the pillow on the side chair and even the pencil cup on the desk!

If the cost of a real tin-stamped ceiling is discouraging you from incorporating the look, a wallpaper that conveys the same effect is a great option!

The wallpaper on the ceiling in this entryway is paintable -- how cool is that!?  I'm also in love with the dog statue...

Le Royal Monceau, Paris. Design by Phillipe Starck.  Featured in Lonny Fall 2013

Now this is a bold maneuver! But it works because it is in a transitional space that you won't spend an extended period of time in.  If it were in, say, a bedroom it might make me a little dizzy!  The dark wood panels also serve to give your eyes a little bit of a break.

Here is a very similar design to Le Royal Monceau's hallway, except in this case the orientation of the stripes on the back wall differs from the other four surfaces.  Again, it's a transitional space, so it works.  Check out how the stripes even carry onto the door, you barely notice it!

Some notable wall paper manufacturers include ::