Inspirational Powder Room Designs

photo :: simply modern home

The powder room may be a room rarely seen other than by guests, but that is no reason to ignore it or relegate it to the “when I get there” design list.  It’s a great place to flex your creative muscle and take design risks that you aren’t quite ready to do in the rest of your home.  

I hope some of these images inspire you to have some fun with your design and create some jewel-box-type spaces in your own home.

design :: laura kirar | house beautiful magazine

The antique Moroccan fretwork adds layers of elegance to the design of this gorgeous powder room and detracts from what might not be the best view in the house.

Graphic color-schemes {like the above} can enhance the drama of a space.  The frameless mirror appears like it is floating on the wall above the vanity, while the dark paint below grounds the design.

The tiles in this powder room reflect both artificial and natural light and can make the space appear bigger than it really is.

This wallpaper reminds me of the plates in the book "The Cabinet of Natural Curiosities,"by Albertus Seba and gives your guests something interesting to look at.

I don't know where to start about what I like most about this powder room... I kind of love it all!  The use of mirrors in this space make it look exponentially larger while reflecting both natural and artificial light sources AND gives you a way to make sure you look great from ALL angles!

I love the unexpected combination of the traditional (wallpaper, sconces, oriental rug) with the streamlined contemporary vanity and modern take on a chinoiserie-styled mirror.

image via

A true jewel-box of a powder room!  The metallic toile wallpaper, faceted mirror and sconces are all elegant touches that will delight your guests.  

design :: martha o'hara

I love the combination of the clean geometric lines of the wallpaper, vanity and sconces with the more ornate mirror and chandelier.  

Holy glam!  Here is another example of how a graphic color scheme can visually enlarge a space.

The grey/silver grasscloth brings texture into this monochromatic powder room design.

image via apartment therapy

The zebra-filled wallpaper brings a sense of whimsy to this powder room.

photo :: better homes + gardens

Another example of how layering different styles can bring visual interest into a small space.

A gorgeous example of a masculine-designed powder room -- the wall behind the vanity is made up of leather tile!

And one over-the-top design to round out this post!  Do you have a favorite?  Post in the comments below!