Mmmm...Macarons Ladurée

Ah, macarons, those perfectly perfect bite-size pieces of heaven… Macarons {not to be confused with macaroons -- those are coconut} are little puffs of perfection made from almond flour so even gluten-free girls like me can eat them {yay!}

The most famous macarons come from Ladurée in Paris, where they have been serving them since 1930.  I remember standing in a looonnggg line at Maison et Objet {only the largest interior design show in the world, I was in heaven} in Paris just to get my hands on a box of Ladurée’s wonders in their signature Celadon green box.

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The famous Ladurée shop on the Rue Royale in Paris {via wikimedia commons}

Here is a menu of Ladurée's wide range of flavors, from the traditional to the creative ::

I imagine that living in this room would be like living in a box of Ladurée macarons {the wallpaper is deGournay, bien sûr.  Read my post on deGournay’s fabulous hand-painted wallpaper here.}

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Here is another Ladurée-box-of-an-interior::

Macarons Ladurée even made it into Olivier Magny’s satirical book “Stuff Parisians Like”

Most fanatics of macarons Ladurée are women. While most Parisian women stay away from sugar with somewhat preoccupying discipline, they constitute the main client base of Ladurée. And Parisian women like to make social statements through their purchases (clothes, travel destination, florist).

The macaron Ladurée clearly serves this purpose. But it also allows Parisian women to treat with ill-repressed brutality their weird relationship to sugar: offering macarons Ladurée to friends lets the Parisian woman taste them and therefore look like she doesn’t have a problem with sugar (note that her attention will be focused all night on the moment she can indulge in the macarons she brought). On top of this, le macarons Ladurée is a perverse weapon for Parisian women. Bringing macarons to a party will force other women to have at least one. And therefore gain weight. So the Parisian woman no only feels better about herself but can rejoice for her friends who also have to gain weight so she doesn’t look like the only fat one at the end of the evening.
— Olivier Magny, Stuff Parisians Like

Unfortunately, the only US location for Ladurée is in New York City.  In my search for a good macaron in LA, I stumbled across this article in LA Weekly of the best macarons in the city.  I sense a Tour de Macaron coming on…. I’ll let you know what I find.

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