Reminiscing About Carrie Bradshaw's NYC Apartment

This morning I caught a few re-runs of Sex and The City {the Berger era -- has anyone looked at a Post-It the same way since?} and I was reminded of how much I loved Carrie Bradshaw’s NYC apartment.  Even though it's a little hard to believe that a struggling journalist who spends all her money on Manolos could afford an apartment this size, rent control or not.

Her apartment during the series run {can you believe it’s been 10 years since Sex and The City aired it’s last episode?} definitely reflected Carrie’s character.  Her old apartment was very eclectic, full of vintage items mixed with new finds, much like her fashion sense.

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One of my favorite things about Carrie's entry is the bookshelves {imagine that!} -- I wonder how many back issues of Vogue {and others} she has cataloged on those shelves?  I can picture myself sitting on the fabulous orange upholstered bench flipping through back issues of Elle Decor {my version of Vogue.}  You can also see the framed artwork on top of the console table leaning against the wall, could it be fear of committing her art to a more permanent spot on the wall?  Or could it be she just didn't have time to hang them? One advantage of this set-up is that she can reshuffle the art anytime she wants without having to re-position pieces already on the wall, similar to a picture ledge.

I love all the mid century modern pieces in her living room, and of course, the famous chair Aidan made.  Her desk under the window became a familiar sight as Carrie penned her column {if she wasn't typing on her bed, which I totally get and am guilty of too.}  I like the idea of arranging several chairs around a circular table in a living room -- a design trick of Albert Hadley's and it takes up less room than a traditional rectangular coffee table.  Note more art leaning against the wall on the mid century side board.

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I've always liked Carrie's bedroom, it looks very lived-in and cozy.  The rotary phone on the chair-cum-bedside-table is very Holly Golightly.  I am OBSESSED with that rotary phone and still want one, even though I don't have a landline {you can get a rotary phone-style handset that plugs into your cellphone here.  I'm partial to the yellow myself.}  The fact that the bedroom is so asymmetrical has always appealed to me -- the different bedside tables and the combination of the bookshelves and the triptych of photographs on the wall above the bed, for example.

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And oh yes, the famous walk-through closet.  I always loved the flow of the bedroom-closet-bathroom spaces -- I actually looked at an apartment here in LA that had a similar set-up and almost rented it just for that reason.

I'm going to follow-up this post with a review of Carrie's post-redecorating apartment {of the movie-era Sex and the City} soon, so stay tuned.

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