The Incredibly Versatile IKEA Billy Bookcase

 via the ikea catalog

via the ikea catalog

I have to confess :: I have a serious book-buying habit.  I love books, and a full (well-styled, of course) bookcase is tremendously satisfying. Books are their own form of décor, they add color, texture and personality to a room.  Unfortunately, the bookshelves I have just aren’t cutting it.  They’re really cute and look like they are leaning against the wall because of the tiered shelf depth, but the upper shelves aren’t deep enough, and the shelves aren’t tall enough.  Most of my book collection is in storage as my shelving capacity is so wanting.  I miss my books, so I’ve been looking around at other options {and I really want to switch from the black finish of my current shelves to white}.  

Of course the IKEA Billy Bookcase came to mind, it’s versatile with its adjustable shelves, and the 15-¾” depth will be perfect for all my over-sized design books.  For those that are wider than that, they can be stacked horizontally.  The Billy, at 6 and ½ feet high will provide me with more storage than I currently have and if you line up several Billys side-by-side they give the illusion of built-ins, which is a great option for rentals where built-ins are out of the question.

There are tons of Billy Bookcase hacks to be found on the internet, via Pinterest, good old Google and Houzz.  Most of the hacks I’ve seen add crown moulding, baseboard and extra trim strips to cover up where the sides of the bookshelves meet.  Unfortunately, I’m not that handy and I’d have to bring in a ringer to help me.

Here are some great IKEA Billy Bookcase hacks I came across in my research.  The hacks from Centsational Girl have really great step-by-step instructions and just looking at some of the below images are sure to inspire you if you decide to go on a Billy Bookcase DIY adventure of your own.

Via Centsational Girl

via centsational girl

The two above images show how Centsational Girl used Billy Bookcases to frame a window.  For step-by-step instructions on how to create this illusion of built-ins, click here.

via young house love

via IKEA hackers

via ikea hackers

Some incredibly creative people used two Billy Bookcases to conceal a Murphy bed!  To see pictures of how this works, click here.

via the IKEA catalog

Amy Azzarito's design via design sponge

via apartment therapy

This custom configuration uses multiple IKEA products to produce the built-in look.

Adam Léven via Apartment therapy

Adam Léven combined 10 Billy Bookcases to achieve this look.

via chas saunter france {flickr}

Chas Saunter lined up SIXTY Billys to create this long hallway library.  SIXTY!!!

via bliss at home

Bliss at Home shares their source list for their Billy library wall here.

via centsational girl

For more information on how Centsational Girl created this Billy Bookcase wall, click here.

via mishbates on pinterest

via apartment therapy

design :: martha o'hara

via the ikea catalog

Fun facts about the Billy Bookcase ::

  • The Billy was designed by the 4th employee of IKEA in 1979.
  • The IKEA factory makes 15 Billys a minute!

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