Total Indulgence :: Hand-Painted Wallpaper

 de Gournay's Abbotsford pattern

de Gournay's Abbotsford pattern

Yesterday I talked about luxury being a personal concept.  Luxury as applied to interior design can also be defined as something that’s the best in design, quality, craftsmanship, service and pedigree.  Hand-painted wallpaper, which is like jewelry for your walls, falls squarely in that category.

Two of the better known houses that create hand-painted wallcoverings are de Gournay and Gracie Studio.

De Gournay was started in 1986 by Claud Cecil Gurney {who left his career in finance to start the company,} he wanted to “experience the joy of creating, making, selling and delivering real things that would make people happy -- and to decorate my own homes.” Gurney also believes that “luxury is art.”  Some of de Gournay’s clients include Bergdorf Goodman, Tiffany & Co., and The Ritz.  Their designs are inspired by historic European homes, but they urge their clients’ imagination to run wild with their custom designs.  Bonus :: De Gournay’s artists can also create fabrics to match their designs.

Gracie Studio was founded in 1898 by Charles R. Gracie and remains a family-run business.  Gracie’s studio is located in mainland China {after a brief location to Taiwan in 1949 due to the Chinese Revolution} and has been managed by the same Chinese family for 50 years.  The Studio also produces lacquered furniture, but hand-painted wallcoverings are Gracie’s signature product line.  All Gracie products are hand-sketched with no repeats and customized to the dimensions of the room.  One 3-by-10-foot panel takes about 75 to 100 man-hours of painting alone.

As you can imagine, the painstaking work to create these hand-painted wallcoverings are reflected in the price tag.  The cost of an average-sized room covered in de Gournay wallpaper costs about $10,000 and above!  A more affordable option would be to order a single panel (or roll) or two of the hand-painted wallpaper and frame it with molding on the wall.  Still not the most affordable, but a worthwhile splurge.

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