Despite what many people think, interior design isn’t a luxury only available to a small segment of society.

One of my favorite interior designers, David Hicks, famously said:

"Good design is no way dependent on money.  I like to spend the minimum and yet gain the maximum effect.  Style is not what you do, but how you do it."

Good design isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Abraham Maslow, a 20th century American psychologist, developed a theory that proposes his hierarchy of human needs are essential for survival.  Maslow’s hierarchy also parallels what you need to create a successful room. 

Safety & Security = Functional, soundly-designed rooms

Love & Belonging  =  Rooms that welcome friends and family

Esteem  = Rooms that make us look and feel good

Self-actualization =  Rooms that reflect your personality and values

People often fear that their taste is bad or wrong and they are also worried that the cost to redecorate is too high and therefore they are anxious about making expensive mistakes through trial and error.

The biggest reason that keeps people away from tackling a design or decorating project is that they feel they are too busy — it’s much easier to put off the seemingly insurmountable and time-consuming task of pulling together your home than to dig in and get started.

Even if you do decide to roll up your sleeves and start the process of designing your home yourself, you may be quickly overwhelmed by the range of options available.  It can all seem extremely daunting, to say the least, to someone unfamiliar with what is available and how to use it.

That’s where I come in.  With my help you will be able to move past these challenges gracefully and you will be able to see how fun the design process can be.

Design isn't about trends — it’s about style and creating a space that satisfies my clients’ needs and delights their senses.

I make it a priority to listen to what my clients are saying.  Without your input a space is just a space.

My goal is to help clients discover what it is that will make their residence feel like home.  As a result, every project is wholly original and very personalized.

Creating a personal style can seem like a frighteningly daunting task — as an interior designer, my job is to help you, the client, through the design process and give you the tools to set you on the path to continue developing your own personal style.