what is e-décor?

e-décor is an affordable alternative to my full-service interior design offerings.  e-décor clients get the benefits of working with me even if they live outside of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.
I offer a full range of packages to meet any and all design needs!


why e-décor?

I believe that good design is for everyone.  The internet and exposure to interior design shows on TV have made people extremely design savvy — they see what is possible, but if they can’t afford full-service design services  they are often stumped as to where to start.

e-décor is cost-effective and convenient and gives you access to a professional interior designer without the hefty price tag.  brettVdesign will provide a master plan and the client is free to take as much, or as little, of my advice as they want

We all lead very busy lives, so e-décor is perfect for the client who only wants to address one or two rooms at a time and who want to work within their own time frame.


what do you get with e-décor?

Think of e-décor as a “cheat sheet” — no one has to know we helped you — but we always love referrals…

As an e-décor client, you will receive a beautiful package {tied up in a bow!}:

  • A to-scale drawing of the room
  • An inspiration/mood board
  • Shopping list
  • Project  book with recommendations for ::
  • Fabric
  • Swatches
  • Furniture
  • Paint
  • Accessories