I want to demystify the design process, pull back the “chintz curtain,” if you will. 

Interior design is an art and a craft, but it is also a business.

There is a process to creating a space for you and I want to make sure you understand the process and what to expect as your project moves along.

I view the design process as a team effort, and in order to create the space of your dreams I need a couple of things from you, my amazing client ::

I need you to do your homework

  •     Verbal or written descriptions of likes and dislikes, needs and wants
  •     Visual examples of the above —  pictures from books and magazines, sketches, color swatches
  •     Information on the project’s location, such as photos and plans.

The more thorough you can be in the early stages, the less time will be spent in fact-gathering and planning, which means your project will move along faster!

In the course of the design process, you will be asked to make lots of decisions — most of which will be about things you’ve never thought of before!

  • Do you prefer “this” drawer pull, or the other?
  • Would you like down-filled cushions or down with a foam wrap in your sofa cushions?

I keep a close eye on all details, from the micro to the macro, and it is up to you to decide your level of involvement.  You may have strong feelings regarding every minor detail, or you may prefer that I make the decisions based on the “big picture” look we’ve decided on together for your project.

We are a team in this process and it is absolutely critical that you make your decisions in a timely manner.  Your decisions are not set in stone, but should you change your mind, you need to know that there is both a time and cost factor involved.  Your requested change may require me to re-draw, re-select, and re-present further options.

Timely decision making during the design process is crucial.  If decisions aren’t made, phone calls not returned, meetings postponed, I may have to operate on assumptions, which is not ideal as it is my goal to give you exactly what you want.

Finally, don’t forget that the design process is a learning experience for both you me.  I bring my knowledge of color, comfort, function and style to your particular situation and sometimes a leap of faith will be required.

In my experience, clients often look back after the project’s completion and realize how much they’ve grown and are very glad they trusted the design of their space to brettVdesign.