how to measure your room(s)

using pencil, sketch out the existing layout {don’t worry about scale, I’ll take care of that for you!}, and be sure to include the locations of all windows, doors, and closets. {Leave enough room to note dimensions}

Grab a tape measure and measure each wall, corner-to-corner.  Write down the sizes and locations of all openings and built-ins {doorways, pass-throughs, built-in bookcases, etc}

Now for the nitty-gritty…

I will need detailed measurements of each wall — the more information you give me, the more accurate your plan will be!

Start in one corner of the room and measure the distance from the corner to the outside-edge of the window casing, from there to the opposite outer edge of the window casing.  From there measure to the edge of a built-in cabinet, and so on (pass-throughs, doors, any other openings in the room) to the opposite corner.

Once you’ve finished measuring the first wall, total the detailed measurements — it should match the first overall measurement.  If the numbers don’t match, go back and check your work.

Continue this process around the room and note your measurements on the sketch.

Also measure from the floor to the base of the window sill and then from the floor to the top of the window casing.  Measure from the floor to the top of door frame too!

Please note the following on your sketch as well ::
  • ceiling height for each room
  • location and height of all power outlets
  • height of windows and doors
  • location of windows on each wall
  • location of any sconces (wall) or ceiling lights

Once you are finished measuring and sketching the room, please scan and e-mail the sketch to  If you do not have access to scanner, please contact us and we will work with you on the best way to get us the information we need.